As the international division of Gruppo Ares S.p.A, Immobil Service looks to the future and proposes new and original solutions to its customers, in order to fulfill their expectations in the best way possible.

To give our customers a new and exciting way to change up things a bit, we have implemented a home exchange online platform. This platform, will allow our customers, who buy a property from us, to interact with each other and put their properties on display with the purpose of swapping holiday homes with other members.

Each of our customers will have their personal page, which will be used to display their property and to receive offers from other members of the property club.

The security of use and the confidentiality of the personal data contained within our online platform will be guaranteed by a full array of security measures.

Immobil Service will offer its customers a comprehensive newsletter with constant updates on our projects and new investment opportunities offered by our company. We will also help our members if they desire to sell a property that has been purchased from us and make a new investment.