4% guaranteed annuity and other investement plans

Buying an apartment from Immobil Service is an excellent choice of investment in a second home in Italy, but this purchase will also significantly improve the quality of your life.

When you buy an apartment from us, you can also sign a property management contract with a subsidiary of our holding company. Starting from the next tourist season you will receive a yearly annuity, whose amount can be guaranteed by us and increased over the years.

You can choose between the following investment plans:

  1. 4% guaranteed annuity calculated on the purchase value of the apartment, excluding VAT. This investment program lasts five years and it can be renewed for the same period. Your apartment will be managed by one of our subsidiaries which will sub-lease it to high-income tourists with the help from international tour operators, between April and October of each given year. You can stay in your apartment for two weeks during the rental period. The condominium management expenses will be subtracted from your annuity. During the rest of the year you will have full possession of your house and you will just have to pay the condominium management expenses (electricity, water, gardening etc.). By choosing this program you will enjoy a guaranteed and stable rental income, even if your house remains empty.
  2. Regular annuity. In this case your annuity will be calculated on the base of the gross rental income of the management company in relation to your apartment. There will not be a fixed rental period, meaning that you can agree a custom rental period with us. For example, you can stay in your apartment for the whole month of July and rather rent it out for a few weeks around Christmas. The property management expenses and the management company 25% fee will be subtracted from the gross rental income and you will receive the difference. Based on the tourist season performance for each given year, this formula can be more or less convenient than the guaranteed annuity.