Immobil Service is the international business division of Gruppo Ares S.p.A. Its main goal consists in promoting and selling real estate properties built by other subsidiaries of the Gruppo Ares S.p.A. holding company, both in Italy and in foreign countries. Gruppo Ares S.p.A. operates as a real estate developer in some of the most renowned locations in Italy, building residential complexes and tourist resorts. In Tuscany, Gruppo Ares S.p.A. renovates historic farmhouses in the most beautiful locations of the region, such as Val d'Orcia. In Sardinia, our holding company carries out the construction of high-end residential complexes and luxury villas near the most beautiful beaches of the island.

Quality means state-of-the-art construction techniques and materials that enable our properties to obtain the best energy classification, such as polystyrene filled walls, heat insulating and sound proof doors and windows, solar heaters and photovoltaic systems. Gruppo Ares S.p.A. gives particular importance to the energy efficiency of its buildings, which must be taken into account not only at the purchase stage, but mostly in the long term, considering the maintenance costs. While using the most advanced design and materials, we do not forget about the style and the context. For example in Gallura, northeastern Sardinia, we adopt a more modern approach that breaks with the traditional gallurese style, in line with the modern trends of the area. In Tuscany we build in a more classic style, using original materials made by local craftsmen whenever possible, with respect to the architectural tradition of the region.

Our holding company offers its customers a wide range of services, such as property management, thus allowing them to delegate to a subsidiary of our holding company the management of their properties and enjoy their purchase without any worries.

For its international activities, Immobil Service makes use of its strong parthership network. Our partners are real estate agents and brokers that come from all over the world. We have strong parthership agreements in Germany and Switzerland. A crucial role is played by our partners in the United Kingdom, where many buyers who know and appreciate Italy come from and which represents to us a crossroad of sorts, a connection to the rest of the world. Another important market to us is Russia, in particular Moscow and other densely populated cities. In fact, Immobil Service has more than 10 partners in the Russian capital alone. We are always open to cooperation in new countries.