Invest in Gruppo Ares S.P.A. properties 

Only high quality goods can make a good investment that increases its value over time.

Gruppo Ares S.p.A. chooses new areas to develop with great care and foresight, because our goal is to allow our customers who wish to invest in real estate to make a secure and profitable investment. In order for a newly built property to retain its desirability for a number of years after purchase, one must evaluate such factors as the quality level of the property itself, the condition of power, water and other systems, energy certification and long term mantenance costs. Not only that, but the location makes the biggest difference.

For the above reasons Gruppo Ares S.p.A. chooses unique and prestigious locations for its developments. Careful design and use of advanced construction techniques allow our properties to obtain the best energy efficiency certifications. Thermal and electric efficiency gradually becomes a more sensible argument, since the actual costs of a property are given by all maintenance costs applicable over the years, added to the purchase price.

The location and the nearby services are of fundamental importance and they concur to increase the value of the property and to make your stay memorable.